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Refund, Shipping, and Return Policies

Shipping And Refund Policies:

I. A typical order will be shipped from either Ogreatgames, or third party supplier(s) of the companies choice within 4-30 business days to fulfill your order. On very rare occasions it may be longer. Generally, every order will be shipped through either through USPS (United States Postal Service), UPS, Fedex, DHL, or another carrier.

II. A full refund may be given if the item is returned in the exact condition it was
shipped to the return address given to you after you contact us. Contact us FIRST
before beginning a return, do NOT send a return back to the address the item was
shipped to, instead contact us BEFORE shipping the item back for an accurate return address for returns. Failure to contact us FIRST may result in the return being
unprocessed with no refund.

III. A shipping credit or shipping label may be given at the store's sole discretion
or choice for a return, otherwise the item will be returned at the buyer's expense.

IV. Returns can only be accepted within 90 days after the package arrives at its
destination and the buyer must ship it back, with or without delivery confirmation to
be eligible for 100% refund of the item's price.

V. Use the contact form to begin inquiring
about a purchase return.

VI. Ogreatgames currently ships to the United States and select international countries. Any tracking information pertaining to the order will be emailed to the buyer once the transaction is initiated. Some orders may not have any tracking information. Ogreatgames cannot guarantee when any item will arrive when it is sent and the following chart provides only general estimates.

VII. Items may be shipped separately by different suppliers.

International Buyers Notice: Customs and duty taxes for imported items are the buyers responsibility.

Shipping Cost To Rest of the World: Varies on item's weight, price for shipping
displayed before full checkout

Estimated Arrival Time For Purchases For United States & other international countries: 2 weeks - 6 weeks

Cost for additional item: Varies on item's weight, price for shipping displayed
before full checkout

If shipping cost is not displayed for your particular country contact us: